Environmental Justice

"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money."  
Native American proverb

"Some day the Earth will weep. She will beg for her life. She will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die."
John Hollow Horn

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to oursleves and to one another."  
Mahatma Gandhi

"The world is not to be put in order. The world is in order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order"  
Henry Miller

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"In nature's economy, the currency is not money. It is life."
Vandana Shiva 

Documentaries & Videos

Film for Action's 50 Eco-Concious Documentaries to Celebrate Earth Day 


-Unless it Changes, Capitalism will Starve Humanity by 2050 - Forbes 2016

-UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet - Guardian  2010 

-Call Climate Change what It Is: Violence - Guardian  2014 

-New, Privatized African City Heralds Climate Apartheid - Guardian  2014 

-Supertrawlers to be banned permanently from Australian waters - Guardian  2014 

-Eating less meat essential to curb climate change, says report - Guardian  2014 

-Climate Change Will Ruin Hawaii, New Study Suggests - Huffington Post  2014 

-Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans from Polar Melt - New York Times  2014 

-Thousands of Snow Geese Die in Montana after Landing on Contaminated Water - The Guardian 2016 

-First Official Climate Change Refugees Evacuate Their Island Homes for Good - Treehugger  2009 

-Monsanto Blamed for Disappearance of Monarch Butterflies - RT  2014

-Dolphins Suffering Miscarriage, Lung Disease, Losing Teeth after BP Oil Spill - The Independent 2014 

-How Dirty Coal Foretold West Virginia's Disaster - Al Jazeera  2014 

-How the Coal Industry Flattened the Mountains of Appalachia - New York Times 2016 

-Florida Drops Bill to Open Fracking in the Everglades after Public Outcry - The Guardian 2016 

-Experts Eye Oil and Gas Industry as Quakes Shake Oklahoma - New York Times 2013 

-Solar Panels: Not Just Big Rectangles on the Roof Anymore - Gizmodo 2013 

-Costa Rica Bans Shrimp Fishing with Dragnets - Examiner 2013 

-The World Can Be Powered by Alternative Energy, Using Today's Technology, in 20-40 Years - Stanford News  2013 

-Louisiana Sues Big Oil for Loss of Coastal Wetlands - Ecowatch  2013 

-Third Major Oil Spill in a Week: Shell Pipeline Breaks in Texas - RT  2013 

-MPs Call for Ban on 'Nerve agent' Neonicotinoid Pesticides to Protect Dwindling Bee Population - Independent  2013 

-Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: "If There Was Ever a Wake-up Call, This Is It" - Democracy Now  2012 

-Naked Green People Fighting the Spectra Pipeline Construction in the West Village - Village Voice  2012 

-$4.2 Million Jury Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas in Dimock, PA Water Contamination Lawsuit - Desmogblog 2016 

-How accurate is the movie Cowspiracy? - Quora 2015 

-Vegan Eating Would Slash Food's Global Warming Emissions - NBC 2016 

-By Rejecting $1bn for a Pipeline, a First Nation Has Put Trudeau's Climate Plan on Trial - The Guardian 2016 

-What We’re Doing to the Earth Has No Parallel in 66 Million Years, Scientists Say  - Washington Post 2016 

-Sweden’s Recycling is so Revolutionary, the Country has Run Out of Rubbish - The Independent 2016 

-Shell Oil Spill Dumps Nearly 90,000 Gallons of Crude Into Gulf - Ecowatch 2016 

-Scotland Just Banned Fracking Forever - Antimedia 2016 

-LEGO is Ditching Plastic in Favor of Sustainable Materials - Minds 2016 

-Norway is the First Country in the World to Commit to Zero-Deforestation - Minds 2016 

-Paris Now has a Monthly “No Car Day” that brings a 40% Drop in Air Pollution - True Activist 2016 

-U.S.’s First Public Solar Road Will Roll Out on Route 66 - Curbed 2016 

-Bolivia Passes ‘The Law Of Mother Earth’, Grants Specific Rights To Planet - True Activist 2016 

-UN Tries to Hide Involvement in Deleting Australia from Its Climate Report - The Guardian 2016 

-Clean Energy Won’t Save Us – Only a New Economic System Can - The Guardian 2016 

-Faces of the North Dakota Pipeline Protest: ‘Sacred Land is Who We Are’   - The Guardian 2016 

-Sand Mining: The Global Environmental Crisis You’ve Probably Never Heard of - The Guardian 2017 

-Record-Breaking Climate Change Pushes World into ‘Uncharted Territory’ - The Guardian 2017 

-Antarctica Hits Record High Temperature at Balmy 63.5°F - Reuters 2017